The mission of “Marketing for All” Foundation is to train nonprofits, social enterprises, micro and SME to improve their online and digital presence, communicate better with new audiences, streamline their processes, and get more inquiries. We develop and provide well-structured methodologies, educational materials and partnership programs supporting them to reach their full potential and sustainability.

The team of our organisation has more than a decade of experience in the digital marketing area. We’ve helped multiple socially significant projects strengthen and clarify their online presence while simultaneously optimising their “marketing messages” to resonate better with their target audiences. With time we generated solid digital marketing expertise, and now we believe that it is time to start sharing those resources. For us now, the timing is perfect because it is obvious that the online community needs more invigorated points of view. We often observe the somehow chaotic nature of digital marketing and want to address and potentially structure it. Indeed, this fast-paced digital transformation of the global landscape that the world is witnessing is fascinating, but the constant evolution comes with a few “drawbacks”. While, until recently, to have some form of digital presence was enough, currently, your online presence must be the result of a well-structured marketing strategy.

Keeping in mind the increasing complexity of digital marketing, the “Marketing for All” team decided to take action and start sharing our knowledge. It is the shortest path to help our community of nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, micro and SME in serving their specific niches in the best way.

Those types of organisations are challenged because the hyper-dynamic state of the world in which we are doesn’t allow anymore for the business to follow the direction of the modern marketing approaches blindly. To be successful and most of all effective, an organisation has to utilise more complex tools and strategies that create opportunities for the organisation to set its own standards and create a better experience, products, services, and solutions for its audience.

In the “Marketing for All” Foundation, our battle-tested approach is the delivery of a transparent and straightforward strategy helping businesses reach their target audience at the perfect time and place with the best marketing message. Our belief is that despite the rapid development of new marketing strategies and the constantly evolving digital marketing tools, a few factors will be ever-present. One of them is the mutual trust between the organisations and their communities. In our experience, this transparent communication can be achieved only through a well-planned strategy developed specifically for each stage of the customer’s journey. By avoiding the watering-down of the marketing messaging and investing in detailed strategy for each touch-point of the user’s journey, the entrepreneurs can funnel their audience in the desired direction and have measurable results.

The best aspect of this approach is that having this type of clear communication creates more satisfied users than ever before. Currently, it is not a secret that the users are already feeling exhausted by the bombardment with unclear and inadequately targeted messages, so they are now increasing their expectations higher and higher.

For us, this is a natural and unavoidable process, and we fully embrace it in our practice. But this level of high expectations is creating new problems for the companies that are still young or have neglected their marketing strategy. With the opportunity to grow online so fast, some organisations are delaying the development of a detailed digital marketing strategy. When the time comes to leverage the power of some of the most powerful tools like PPC, for example, the missed opportunities become apparent.

The problem is hidden in the fact that the effective planning of each phase of the marketing strategy requires professionals with solid long-term experience. On top of that, even if some of the marketing activities are laid down in the marketing plan, executing an effective campaign and producing solid results is often challenging. That sometimes motivates the strategists to neglect the implementation of crucial marketing techniques because they lack access to experts capable of executing them.

All mentioned above became our motivation to start sharing our high-quality, up-to-date and practical educational content and tools for effective campaign management. We hope to assist those marketing experts needing a trustworthy partner for their full-stack strategy and support the organisations that already feel the need to improve their marketing strategy efforts.


We are thankful for a few simple but useful values that help us grow. Here you can take a look at them and decide if you or your organization share them and feel free to reach out to us so we can continue to thrive together and assist more communities.


During our long professional development, the team of the “Marketing for All” Foundation has always been appreciated highly for its straightforward and honest communication. It doesn’t matter what the form of the communication – digital, in person, or any other form. For us, compromising with transparency is unacceptable. This crucial value can also be found in every campaign that we manage. Honesty is one of the “secret ingredients” for the high ROI of our marketing activities.


Thanks to our knowledge of the digital marketing world, we have concluded something very important – marketing is an area so dynamic, so complex, that it is almost impossible to be “mastered” completely. This fact became so fundamental for our mindset that we have chosen to focus only on the areas we excel at. For every other area, we decided to cooperate with trustworthy partners. This two-way interaction has been crucial for our growth and consistent results.


To be able to deliver every single time, we need to be effective at what we do. And have time proven systems. To be able to achieve, our team implements numerous strategies for optimisation and automatisation. Our fuel is seeing the growth of our partners, so we don’t shy away from implementing the most advanced strategy even for a smaller project. At the end of the day, all that matters for us are the measurable results that we bring to our community.

“Marketing for All” Foundation with ID No. 206479278 is a non-profit organisation in public benefit, specializing in digital marketing education and training with the long-term goal to work only for the benefit of civil society and its economic development. The foundation is registered in the European Union.

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