When we talk about marketing, many words may describe it well. But one word, for us personally, is fitting the best, and it is “evolving”. The world of digital marketing is ever-changing. That sparks our desire for quality educational resources. On this page, we have gathered some of the educational pieces that we found useful. Please be aware that we do not maintain, support, or are affiliated with any of the websites and/or the educational resources that we may refer to in our articles, so use your judgment as well.

PPC University

A free educational course that addresses the most important topics related to one of the most important areas of digital marketing – pay-per-click advertising. Our experience shows that it is almost inevitable for every severe organisation to not rely on the fast and measurable results that PPC can bring. Everyone can learn something new at this course because the information is broken down into three levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Pay-Per-Click 101: Intro to Google & Facebook Advertising

This free mini-course is an excellent tool to acquire a different perspective about the importance of PPC advertising. From the many years of experience, we have concluded that this marketing area is often underestimated because the business or marketing managers are focusing primarily on the free channels. In this course, the author has even dedicated a chapter teaching you how to explain the importance of PPC to a manager or business owner.

Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

An online course dedicated to creating a solid knowledge base for those future marketers who have recognised the importance of a holistic and integrated marketing approach. Our team believes that even if your goal is to be a niche-specific expert, it is still of crucial importance to be familiar with the rest of the digital marketing disciplines. With a broader knowledge of different marketing disciplines, an expert can delegate effectively and recognise if he is dealing with knowledgeable partners, which alone brings enough value.

Digital Marketing Cheat Sheet for Small & Medium Law Firms [Downloadable & Print]

Getting leads for your small or medium legal practice is not a walk in the park. The competition is fierce in the legal industry, so you need an affordable way to stand out and attract clients who are actively seeking legal advice or looking to hire a lawyer.

How to choose the perfect PPC Agency for your business [Free eBook]

Regardless of your industry, Google Ads is an excellent platform for driving business success. But the issue most businesses face is understanding how to make this advertising channel work for their needs. We shed light on everything about Google Advertising regarding clicks, impressions, keywords research, conducting traffic, and more.

How To Double Patients To Your Clinic Using Marketing Automation [Free eBook]

Learn how to increase appointment to visit ratios. You have to refine your game in terms of turning inquiries into appointments and then turn the appointments into visits. You can do that by simply providing value to these sets of people.