We need people with cause and skills for completing our purpose and mission. Become involved.

The mission of “Marketing for All” Foundation is to train nonprofits, social enterprises, micro and SME to improve their online and digital presence, communicate better with new audiences, streamline their processes, and get more inquiries. We develop and provide well-structured methodologies, educational materials and partnership programs supporting them to reach their full potential and sustainability.

We need highly motivated individuals willing to donate part of their free time to help us increase the overall marketing knowledge levels. Our activities include assisting the community to learn the best strategies for improving the online and digital presence of their organizations. Individuals with skills and knowledge about effective marketing communication are welcomed by our team. If you feel that you can contribute actively to the achievement of our mission and share the same values – don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We would love to learn more about you and your vision for the future. Our team and the community will also greatly benefit from marketing experts with previous experience in PPC management. Because this is a common weakness of many organizations, in our educational efforts we are emphasizing the importance of skilful PPC management. This makes volunteers with previous experience in the area really valuable for our cause.

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    “Marketing for All” Foundation with ID No. 206479278 is a non-profit organisation in public benefit, specializing in digital marketing education and training with the long-term goal to work only for the benefit of civil society and its economic development. The foundation is registered in the European Union.